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Using AI to Boost Sales One Company at a time


AI First

Resolve 70% of customer questions. Instantly.

Solve up to 70% of customer problems with conversational AI. Your bot can answer questions about your business, it takes 1 minute to set up.

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AI Trained on your business
An AI bot you can trust to answer customer questions accurately. Easily add PDFs, site URLs, and more to train the AI.
Add Humans to the loop
AI and humans working together to resolve customer questions. Humans can take over conversations at any time with realtime chat.
Customizable to your business
From the colors of your bot, to the logos, and context of the conversations, you can customize the bot to your business.

Super Customizable.
You're going to look good.

You get a widget that is fully customizable. You can edit the brand logo, colors, and more. The color palette is smart, you pick your main colors and we'll do the rest.

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Upload Your Logo
You can use plain text or upload a .png/.svg logo ideally that has a transparent background.
Choose Your Colors
With an easy to use color picker you have full control over your widget colors. This way you are on brand.
Design Your AIs Personality
You can configure the core personality of your AI bot, you can make it funny or serious, and you can even give it a name.


Realtime Human to Human Chat

Our inbox gives you the workflow you need to manage your customer conversations. Don't rely only on AI handling your support. Have a human chime in when needed. You can resolve customer questions faster than ever.

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AI Enhanced Inbox
Our inbox is AI-enhanced and designed for speed and efficiency. It's great for keeping your team in sync and resolving customer questions quickly.
Collaborative Workflows
Resolve complex issues quickly with tickets optimized for team collaboration and real-time customer updates. Tag team members, assign conversations, and share notes.
Data Analytics
Each conversation has visitor properties listed to the right of the chat. You can analyze where the visitor is from, and even view a more in depth profile view.


Engage with your users, convert them into customers

Collect each visitor into your CRM, learn from their data, and engage with them with AI.

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Collect Data
Each site visitor is collected as a lead, we track their location, chat history, and more.
Learn From Data
You can run reports with AI to find patterns in your data. Gain valuable customer insights.
Engage with Customers
Easily engage with your customers with personalized data. Send automated emails.

Automated Drip Emails

Send Marketing Emails That Convert Your Visitors

Keep in touch with your visitors at all times. Most customers need multiple touch points before they buy. You worked hard getting them to the site, let us help you turn them into buyers.

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Event Triggers
Initiate a drip sequence when someone abandons cart or they first sign up.
Email Templates
Build an email template with variables you can plug in from the CRM.
Campaign Reports
Monitor how each campaign performs, run A/B tests, and optimize your campaigns.


Build a Support Team

What makes us different from the other AI bots is that we believe AI and humans should work together. If you're a solo founder you can monitor chats in our inbox and respond to customers if needed to improve satisfaction and to learn from your customers.

While larger teams have the ability to invite support agents to their workspace and have a support team working together in harmony with the AI.

“Within six days of installing, EchoFox is successfully helping us resolve 43% of conversations. It’s truly surpassed my expectations.”

Hunter Bessell – Agency Owner
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“Within six days of installing, EchoFox is successfully helping us resolve 43% of conversations. It’s truly surpassed my expectations.”

Hunter Bessell
CEO of Zilla Digital

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